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Presidente Hotels & Suites

In Santiago, Concepción and Puerto Montt, President Hotel & Suites has five properties.

All hotels offer the business traveler or tourist a stay with great privacy, personal attention and friendly service to each of their needs. We invite you to know the hotels by clicking on the picture.

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    Our Presidente Suites Santiago is located in the residential neighborhood of Providencia, just two blocks from the subway Tobalaba and one of the most important business sectors of the city.

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    Located in the residential neighbourhood of Providencia, just blocks away from the subway station and in one of the most important business sectors of Santiago, Edificio Presidente Santiago has the capacity to accomodate up to 4 people in each of its 21 spacious apartments.

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    With a privileged location in one of the most strategic sectors of the Providencia neighbourhood, walking distance from the Salvador subway station, Hotel Presidente Santiago gives the traveller excellent connection to every point in Santiago.

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    Enjoy your 36 spacious and comfortable suites with kitchenette, and separate rooms for up to 3 people.

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    Puerto MonttLos Lagos

    President Suites Puerto Montt is located in the city center, facing the sea, taking its passengers on 51 unique spacious suites with kitchenette.